Guide to the Perfect T-Shirt

Purchasing the right t-shirt to decorate for your customer can be overwhelming with the countless options and styles available from blank apparel distributors. The fit and feel of t-shirt can make the difference between being your customer’s favorite t-shirt to wear versus being a t-shirt that is left in their drawer never to be worn again.

So what makes the perfect t-shirt? Well that depends on a lot of factors actually and personal opinion. The key is to quiz your customer’s and ask them questions to help discover the perfect t-shirt for them. For instance, are they looking for a thick (heavyweight) shirt or a thin (lightweight) shirt? Are they wearing it for rugged work wear or more for fashion? What activities are they going to be doing in the t-shirts? Who will be wearing the shirts, men, women, children etc.? What is your budget? Don’t forget to ask your customer if they have purchased t-shirts in the past. What type of shirts have they used in the past? What did you like about them? What didn’t you like about them? By asking these questions, you can help narrow down the broad category of t-shirts to a more specific range of options to choose from.

When looking at different t-shirts, look at the description for details on the type and weight of the fabric. A t-shirt said to be “100% cotton” is made from less expensive cotton which is a good value, basic t-shirt. Soft Spun offers a lightly softer cotton than open-ended cotton. The better option of Ring Spun cotton is smoother and stronger, going through a more extensive spinning process that softens makes the fibers straighter. The best option is a Combed Ring Spun cotton which goes through an extra step of combing the cotton to remove impurities.

This chart below will help narrow down your choices from Transfer Express Apparel with brands like Port & Company, District®, District Made®, and Sport-Tek®.

Best Choice for Basic T-Shirt Fabrics

Other options a selection of t-shirts might have is the fit and style of the shirts. Manufacturer’s like Port & Company® or District® Apparel have a range of fits from Junior Fit to a Relaxed Fit. Ask your customers what type of fit they are looking for. What age range will be wearing them?

These different fits can help you create the perfect t-shirt for your customers. So what is the difference? The shirt fits range from contoured, short sleeves as in the Junor Fit, to a looser body frame and longer sleeves in the Ladie’s Standard Fit. You can help choose the best shirt for your customer based on the questions you ask them to narrow down your choices.

As always, if you have any questions about your options, our customer service reps are experts in custom apparel!

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Female Basic T-Shirt Guide to the perfect custom t-shirt