New State Flags Clip Art for Custom T-shirt Design

Recognize your state’s pride with our new state flag clip art! Don’t see your state’s flag yet? Don’t worry- we are continuing to add the rest of the states throughout the week!

Use  our Easy Prints® flags instead of  incurring Easy Prints® Plus pricing for your local t-shirt designs that call for your state flag. Many of the flags have a lot of small detail that can get lost in the screen printing process, so we’ve simplified the images as much as possible. It is still recommended to screen print the flags with the detailed state seals at a larger size (over 5″ wide) or print them smaller with our Stretch Litho™ process, which can handle the small detail. Stretch Litho™ also achieves the full coloring of the flags!

If you are screen printing and using a single color, these flags will also work perfectly.

To use the flags in Easy View® online t-shirt designer, you can find them in the Symbols>Flags category. Log in to add them to any of our t-shirt design templates and layouts, or create your own unique design in combination with our other clip art.