Heat Press for Profit Live Podcast

Heat Press for Profit Live Podcast is a great way to stay informed about the apparel industry, learn new things and connect with others in the industry.     This podcast was created to help apparel decorators grow their sales.    It airs every Friday at noon ET.


Podcast Topics

We have already hosted 18 episodes offering a wide range of topics and interests.  Some of these include:

  • Melissa from Lane Seven Apparel discussed summer trends
  • Former NFL player, William James from Verticals Community Learning Center’s discussed the center’s t-shirt brand, Team Humanity
  • Egads Screen Printing talked about Spirit Sale stores
  • Dane Clement discussed art software
  • Milissa Marshall form Brag Swag discussed Fitness Wear
  • Trevor Murphy form Anyhzer Designs discussed niche marketing

Where to Listen

The podcast can be viewed live on the Stahls’ Facebook pages, Stahl’s All Things Heat Printing, Heat Press for Profit, Transfer Express and Easy Prints Decorators.   In addition, you can listen on Apple podcasts.

Tune into listen to entrepreneurs around the country to gain real-life insight on opportunities and better understanding of how to overcome challenges with running a t-shirt business

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