What’s In The Package?

Getting started in the custom apparel business or adding heat printing onto your existing decorating business requires just a heat press. However, to make your job go smoother and be able to make the most out of your time, accessories and tools are needed to increase your productivity.

If you’re looking at adding a heat press to your business, take advantage of package deals that combine a heat press with the tools you need to heat print a variety of items and market your custom t-shirt business. At Transfer Express, you have the option of choosing whether purchasing an individual heat press suites your business’ needs or whether a complete package is needed to get your business started and help your business grow.

Hotronix Heat Press Packages

Here’s what you need to know about the Heat Press Starter Packages:

Heat Press Starter Packages are currently available in three tiers, Basic, Pro and Elite.

Basic Heat Press Starter Package

Basic Heat Press Package features a 16×16″ Hotronix® Auto Clam


Basic Heat Press Package features a 16x16" Hotronix® Auto Clam

Basic Heat Press Package features a 16×20″ Hotronix® Auto Clam

Elite Package features a Hotronix® Fusion 16x20" Heat Press

Elite Package features a Hotronix® Fusion 16×20″ Heat Press


So what are all of those accessories that come in a package and why do I need them?

interchangeable heat press platensQuick Change Platen – Your heat press comes with a specific size lower platen that matches the upper platen, whether it be a 16×16″ or 16×20″ size. Quick Change Platens allow you to interchange the lower platen to a smaller size platen to make it easier to heat print items like tote bags, youth and infant apparel, hat bills, etc. Smaller platens that come in the Starter Packages will make heat printing items other than t-shirts much easier.

heat press quick slip pad protector

Quick Slip Protectors –  This non-stick cover protects the silicon bottom pad on your Hotronix heat press from wear and tear of loading and unloading garments. It also allows the fabric of the apparel to slide on and off the heat press easier, increasing your productivity.

IMG_4992Heat Press Counter Caddie™ –  A Caddie is a stand for any Hotronix® Auto Open Clam that converts the heat press into a threadable heat press. Threading the garment or “dressing the platen” refers to opening up the shirt or bag and sliding it around the lower platen, leaving one of the sides of the shirt hanging off the platen. A Fusion heat press is made to be a threadable heat press, whereas the Auto Open Clams requires a Heat Press Caddie™ to make them threadable.

apparel decorating marketing kit

Easy Prints® Marketing Kit – Get started selling to your customers with a complete heat printing tool kit to help you market to your customers. Including the Idea Book with customizable artwork, Display Transfers for a tangible sales tool, color selectors and more.

Untitled design(1)Product Credit – Now that you have your heat press, you’re going to need the heat transfers to start decorating with. We’re getting you started with money on your Transfer Express account that you can use towards your purchase of your first heat transfer order!


Specials and packages may change periodically so check back to our Heat Press webpage to find the most recent package deals.


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