Heat Print Stuffed Animals and Doll Clothes

It is time to stock your t-shirt business for Christmas gift giving, and a profitable gift to heat print is a stuffed animal or clothing for stuffed animals and dolls including the popular American Girl Dolls. All the stuffed animals are CPSIA compliant and hand washable.

Personalize by adding a school name for a school fundraiser, use as prizes for reading programs, add the team name for your favorite athlete, or honor the student of the month or add an individual’s name to make it unique.  These would also be a usable and appreciated corporate gift with your customer’s company logo added. Use the extra space on your gang sheets in Easy View, your online custom transfer designer, making the prints free!  Then use your heat press and print the stuffed animal or clothing for dolls and stuffed animals.

Heat Pressing Your Stuffed Animal

  1. Our friends at AllStitch sell stuffed animals that are made for custom printing. The stuffing comes out in one enclosed piece allowing the stuffed animal to lie flat on your heat press.   Stuffed animals available include bears, a monkey, turtle, owl, rabbit, moose, elephant, lion, bumble bee and even a hedgehog.
  2. Heat printing these with your heat press will be easiest using one of the interchangeable platens, the round, on your t-shirt press. Or you can use a cap press. If using a cap press be sure to size your print to fit on that press.
  3. Remove the stuffing pouch from the animal.
  4. Thread the stuffed animal on your heat press so the printable area is flat
  5. We used Goof Proof transfers, but all our transfer products will apply
  6. Press using the transfer directions provided   Goof Proof was applied at 365 for 4 seconds

Clothing too!

AllStitch also sells doll and stuffed animal clothing that can be heat printed.   These are great to heat print as a gift set; one for the child and a matching outfit for their stuffed animal or doll

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