Heat Printing Bat Bags

When the team comes in to order their uniform, try to upsell them by offering bat bags. All ages and levels will appreciate a custom printed bag with their team and individual name on it. Both, the newly popular backpack bat bags or the traditional style, can easily be heat printed. When ordering custom transfers for the uniform front, add a small logo for the bat bag—this makes your printing cost free! Express names™ can be added to personalize the bag with a name or number for the individual player and make identifying the bag easy.

Bat bags are typically made of denier polyester so all of our transfer types will apply easily. Usually there is a pocket flap that can be opened for easy heat printing. I have found a cap press works great to heat print onto a bag.

On this bag we used the same print as the shirt front, unzipped the front pocket area and applied, adding the 1” number with Express Names.

custom baseball bat bags

Use the same print as the front of the uniforms. Using Express Names, add individual player numbers, too.

On this bag we used a coordinating logo on a smaller front pocket and used a cap press for application with a 1” number ordered through Express Names.

custom printed baseball bat bag

Using the same transfer sheet as the uniforms, add a smaller logo print for the bat bags. Personalize each with the player number using Express Names.

Watch our video to see how to apply

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