Heat Printing Custom Sashes

Satin sashes are a great way to stand out from the crowd.    They can be added instantly to an outfit to recognize top sellers at a convention, identify the homecoming court or acknowledge graduating seniors for senior night.   A bridal party can add a sash to their great looking outfit for a night on the town.    Have survivor sashes available at your breast cancer event to honor survivors.

Creating Art in Easy View

Customizing these sashes are easy with custom transfers and your heat press.  You can use extra space on your gang sheet to add a vertical strip using the art available in Easy View.    The ideal size is 3” wide x 14” tall.   Add text, clip art or use our leg/sleeve layouts to quickly create the desired look.   Once your art is created, rope it and use align, center to be sure your art and text are centered.    If you want vertical text, add text and under effects choose the vertical option.   You can make the text wider, keeping the height the same by unlocking the lock aspect ratio and on screen, grabbing a triangle to make it wider.

Individual Express Names

Express names can also be added to sashes either for an individual’s name, or if you have a smaller order.   The minimum express name order is just 1, and they cost just $1.75 each and come ready to apply-no weeding or aligning.   You can order them horizontal or vertical.   There are 6 font choices and 22 color choices.   To order Express names, click the Names tab.   Choose straight (horizontal) or Vertical.  Then choose the font, letter height and 14” for the width.   If you chose vertical and there are too many letters to keep the desired height, we will reduce the letter height to keep the 14” max.

Applying Your Transfer

All our products will adhere to the sashes.    I used the low temperature Elasti prints to apply the Homecoming, Bride Squad and Senior sashes at 275 degrees for 15 seconds.    For the SURVIVOR, ordered using Express names I also used the low temperature directions, then added a rhinestone ribbon.

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