Let’s Print Can Coolers

If you have a t-shirt business, an easy add on sale for the same events you are printing t-shirts, is a can cooler.  Can coolers are also sold under the brand name, Koozies.     These invaluable giveaways are practical (we all want to keep cold drinks cold), easy to print and affordable.


Types Of Can Coolers

Printable can coolers are collapsible meaning they will lay flat on your heat press for easy printing.     There are a few sizes available, your standard 12 oz can cooler, slim can coolers for 12 oz, skinny cans such as White Claws and a zipper bottle Koozie for 12 oz. longneck beer bottles.

Some suppliers of can cooler blanks include Amazon, QualityPerfection.com, S&S Activewear and BlankKoozies.com.

You will find can coolers made up of primarily two different types of materials.    The first is the foam can coolers.   Foam can coolers are your least expensive.    The second can cooler material is neoprene.   Neoprene can coolers cost a little more, but the material will keep your drink more insulated.  The quick and easy way to tell the difference is the stitching.   Foam can coolers have a straight stitch on the inside of the cooler, your neoprene can coolers have a visible stitch on the outside.

Markets for Can Coolers

Anytime you get a group of people together and have beverages, can coolers be a great promotional item.   Some events where they are sure to be a hit include family reunions, weddings,  and company picnics.    Can coolers also can be sold retail with school logos or fun, trending sayings.    We have many design ideas and clip art in our free online designer, Easy View.

Printing Can Coolers

All of our Transfer types will apply to both types of can coolers.  This includes UltraColor Max DTF transfers, Goof Proof screen printed plastisol transfers and specialty transfers like Puff!    Your transfer product choice will be based on how many you need and the number of colors you want in your design.

We have found an image size of 3” wide x 3.5” tall works best.   This size is easy to fit on a gang sheet for free prints, create a gang sheet of 12 can cooler designs  or use UltraColor Max and each print is about .60 each.

There are a couple of ways to position your can coolers on the platen.   We find it easy just to lay about 12 at once, place the transfer and press.    If you will be doing a large volume of can coolers in your business, we also have a can cooler platen.

When pressing your long neck zipper coolers or the magnetic ones, you will want to create a print pad so that the zipper or magnet does not interfere with your print.    We created a bottle pad, by tracing the bottle can cooler shape onto a mouse pad, cutting it out just a little smaller, then sliding it into the cooler before pressing the transfer.

Adding can coolers to your t-shirt business offering is a quick and inexpensive way to sell more to the same customer.     Cheers to keeping it cool!

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