How to Color Map Custom Uploaded Artwork in Easy View™


Back in March we added a new feature to the Easy View™ Online T-Shirt Designer where Dealers of our custom heat transfers can upload their own artwork or their customers artwork. Users can add their vector or raster images and set-up their own transfer sheet including adding our Easy Prints® clip art and text to their own designs.

View our original blog post detailing the new Upload Your Artwork in Easy View™ feature.

This new feature allows you to upload vector or raster artwork. As part of the ordering process for screen printed transfers, the artwork comes is added in the colors that were originally designed. It’s up to you, to let us know what plastisol ink colors you want us to print your design as, this is called Color Mapping. Map the colors in your design to select the colors you ultimately want your finished transfer to be printed as.

*Digital transfers do not require Color Mapping as the artwork will be printed as is in the art file.

If you are uploading a Vector artwork file created in Adobe® Illustrator™ or Corel Draw®, you can convert your file to a PDF containing Vector Artwork for uploading. Uploading a Vector art file gives you the most flexibility while designing in Easy View™. View this video to see how to Color Map your custom artwork for us to print your screen printed transfers.


Raster art files such as JPEG, BITMAP, TIF, TIFF, and PNG files are able to be uploaded to Easy View™. These files are flat files in which our designers will still have to redraw your artwork and create a usable vector file for our screen printing process. You will visually be able to see your artwork in Easy View™ however you have limited customization ability with this type of uploaded file. One major difference between uploading custom artwork from vector artwork to raster artwork is the visual effects available. With Vector artwork, you will visually be able to see the colors chosen during Color Mapping on the screen. With Raster artwork, you can choose your colors, however the preview in Easy View™ will not show the colors change.

View the video below to learn how to Color Map Raster Artwork from uploaded custom artwork in Easy View™