New Space, Alien & Robot Layout and Clip Art for Custom T-Shirt Art

Beam us up! This week the new layout and clip art theme is space…based on customer requests.


Layout QYT-210 can be used for Science camps or any space themed event.
QYT-210  QYT-210-Color
We’ve also added robots and aliens which we have had many requests for.

X6L-53                                                      X6L-52
X6L-53            x6l-52

X6L-50                                                       X6L-51
X6L-50          X6L-51

And lastly, more Planets and Spaceships are now available.
X17B-191                                                 X17B-192
X17B-191      X17B-192

X18H-81                                                 X18H-82
X18H-81   X18H-82

Happy Designing!