How to Figure Out How Many Screen Printed Transfer Numbers are Needed

If you are ready to order screen printed transfer numbers for your customer’s jerseys and want to figure out how many numbers you will need as well as the cost, use one of our easy to use number calculators. There are several ways to use the calculator, which is found under the names & numbers tab on the home page under resources.

1. You know what you need—If you already know how many 5 packs you need, this is the quickest way to order and will give you the price. Use this only if you know how many packs you will need.

Number Pack Ordering

One way to order our screen printed numbers is by the Number Packs - 5 digits of one number in each pack.

2. You have a list of numbers – player’s chose their own numbers. You can add names if you will also be ordering Peel & Press letters for personalization. Or if you will be ordering Express Names™, enter the numbers only in this area

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3. Number Range – Use this when ordering consecutive numbers. For example, for a league you might have 6 teams that will be numbered 1-15.

Teams Calculator for Screen Printed Transfer Numbers

Use our Teams Calculator if you have multiple teams with sequentially numbered uniforms.

4. Digits – If you know how many of each digit you need, but not the best way to order such as 5 packs, Express Packs or a kit. This tool will help you figure out the best way to order.

Digits and Characters Calculator

Use this tool to figure out the best way to purchase screen printed transfer numbers if you know how many you need.