Use Neon Inks to Brighten Apparel Sales

Neon is back in style for all kinds of apparel. We offer 6 neon colors in our selection of screen printed inks – Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Lime, Neon Green, Neon Blue, and Neon Orange. The neon colors work great on white apparel. Unlike all the other inks, neon does lose some of its opacity on dark apparel. The other colors look the same on light or dark. When applied on dark apparel, it is recommended to use white as a backing ink to keep the opacity of the neon. These may be fine for many customers, but we recommend getting samples prior to ordering to see if they meet your customers’ needs. To receive these samples, call us or fill out the samples request page on our web site. We have sample packs of all 6 of our neon colors.

Custom Neon Apparel

Neon inks look great for all occasions - sports, school and fashion! Customize our artwork or send us yours!

Neon colors do not correlate to pantone colors. However, our neon inks are also included in our Color Selector. The Color Selector is a swatch book consisting of all of our 70+ stock screen printed inks applied with a heat press. This is a perfect tool to help customers see the exact ink colors and how they will look on their apparel.

Tip:  Often a color that does not have Neon in its name is a brighter color alternative, especially if being applied to dark colored apparel.

Examples on Dark Apparel:
• Yellow is a brighter yellow than Neon Yellow
• Bubblegum Pink is a brighter pink than Neon Pink
• Celery is brighter than Neon Lime
• Pistachio is a brighter green than Neon Green
• Mid Blue is a brighter blue than Neon Blue
• Tennessee Orange is a brighter orange than Neon Orange

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Simone Crawford

Hello, I am needing a heat transfer with a neon logo is that possible with your company?

Dealer Services

Hi Simone we do carry neon colors-neon blue, neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow, neon lime and neon green.


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