How To Generate More Leads For Your Business

When you are interested in getting more business, the first place you should look is to existing clients, but not only to get them to buy more. Existing clients are generally an untapped source of new business, according to Karen Hunt, president, Head of the Hunt,, a promotional products distributor based in Springfield, N.J.

In a seminar presented at the ASI show,, in Dallas in February, Hunt offered a variety of great tips and ideas on how to generate more leads.

If an existing client works in a large company, you should be exploring what other divisions or departments within that same company could use your services. Ask your customer to provide you with contact names and which divisions might be most interested. Also be sure to find out if the company has multiple locations.

Typically an existing client also has contacts outside the company. Take some time to learn about what sports or activities your client participates in as another resource to tap.

For example,  your client may be active in a professional organization. Whether it’s local or national, it may be a great additional source of revenue. Perhaps your client belongs to a Parent Teacher’s Organization, plays on a community softball team, or is active in an annual fund-raising event. Any type of clubs, alumni associations, or even church groups are all worthwhile leads to follow up.

The next tier to explore with your existing customer is their co-workers. Try to find out what activities, associations, and events a client’s co-workers are involved with that may lead to new sales.

If you are friendly, helpful, and have established a good relationship with your client, you will find that they are more than happy to help you find new business among their friends and contacts. If you end up getting some new business as a result of a referral or information from your client, be sure and reward them. A gift card to a nice restaurant or, flowers, or at least a thank you card are great ways to show your appreciation and further strengthen the relationship.