Organizing Your League Order For Best Pricing

Leagues can be overwhelming at first, but we have tried to make the job easier with our league layouts for sponsor names.

The first step is to sort your sponsor or team names by ink color. Most teams will probably use white or black ink on many different color shirts. Once you have the sponsors organized by ink color, choose the size letter you will want to use. Now choose a sponsor layout that matches that size. For example, if you are using 1.5” letters you will want to use our league layout, QSP-2—8 sponsors fit on this sheet. Put the first 8 teams on this sheet. So with one order you will be outfitting 8 different teams. Look over your list and order the entire sheet at the quantity of the largest team. For example, if 4 teams have 14 players, 2 teams have 15 players and 2 have 17 players, your order will be placed for 20 sheets, taking advantage of the price break, and giving you a couple of extra for most teams for fill-ins. If you have single teams left over, or a team using a different color ink, Express Names would work best for this team.

To figure your number needs, count the number of teams using each color and use the calculator figuring 1-18 for 8 teams.   It will give you the pricing if you buy in 5 packs, Express Packs or Kits and tell you how much to purchase.

If you have any questions, our dealer service team who are league experts, can help.

Individual Player Names and Customizable Sponsor Layouts

Easily Organize Your League Orders with Sponsor Layouts