How to Group and Ungroup Objects in Easy View

In Easy View® an advanced feature is to be able to Group and Ungroup a design or parts of a design to make customizing easier. To Group means to take pieces of the design and combine them to create one customizable piece instead of separate pieces.

When an Easy Prints® layout is first opened on the Easy View® Art Board, the different pieces (text and clip art) are separate pieces.

Image Ungrouped


You can click on each line of text or clip art and customize it. To group the design together as one piece, left click and drag outside of the design or the pieces you want to group. Click “Object” in the top tool bar and click “Group”. You can now click on the entire design as a whole image.

Group Button


To Ungroup the whole design, click on the “Object” button again and click “Ungroup”. This will make the text and clip art separate pieces. You can even ungroup an individual clip art to smaller pieces. Just click on the clip art, then click “Object” and “Ungroup”. Now you can click on separate pieces within the clip art, such as the eye of the Eagle, to alter the color.

Clip Art Ungroup


Another advanced feature in Easy View is to be able to “Order” or layer the different pieces of a layout. For instance, in the layout used above, you can place the Eagle clip art behind the text. To do this, click on the clip art. Then, click on “Object”, hold your cursor over “Order” and click on “Back”. This will move the clip art to the back of the other layers of text. To move the clip art back to the front, click on the clip art, click “Object”, “Order”, and “Front”.


Clip Art Back



Clip Art Back example

You can also adjust the layer or object that you want the clip art to be behind. For instance, in this example, we moved the clip art to the bottom of the layout but we want the clip art to be behind the word “Eagles” but not behind the word “Compton”. Simply click on the clip art, click “Object”, “Order” and click “Back 1”.

Clip Art Back One


There are many options when Grouping and Ordering pieces of a layout, just play around and find out where your creativity can take you!


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