How to Order A Color Change in Easy View

If you need the same artwork in a different color, save money by ordering a color change.   With a screen printed transfer color change,  the pricing of  your order is based on the total of both or all colors, helping you reach a higher, money saving price break.   There is a small, $15, fee for the color change but this is much less than 2 or more separate orders.

Step by Step Color Change Ordering

  1. Create your art on the artboard in the first color
  2. Enter the quantity of that color version in the left detail box
  3. Click the color change button just under the quantity
  4. Click Add New
  5. Change the color and quantity on the second color version We ordered 50 in royal blue, and 25 in red
  6. Click back to see order summary with total for both colors including the color change
  7. Select Done and Add to Cart



Cost Comparison

If you ordered as two orders

50 1 color @ $2.07/sheet=$103.50

25 1 color @ $2.83/sheet=$70.75

Total for two orders -$174.25

If you order one order with a color change

75 1 color @ $1.77/sheet=$132.75 plus $15 for the color change=$147.75

The color change saved you $26.50!



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