How To Print Bags with Custom Transfers

We all carry them – to work, to school, and to the gym and their heavy use makes them a wanted custom printed item. Using custom transfers to print bags is very inexpensive, easy and profit generating.

The type of transfer you use on a bag will depend on the material of the bag itself. All of our products can be applied to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends. Grocery totes are often polypropylene and this requires the low temp screen printed transfer, Elasti Prints®. Our dealer service team will help you choose the right type.

tote bag with custom transfer

Screen printed transfer using layout QBU-230

Many tote bags are denier polyester. This is heavy, durable polyester that can be printed with a screen printed transfer. Because there are typically handles and/or pockets when heat printing, you will want to raise the print area. A good tool to use is a basic foam mouse pad or print perfect pad. Both of these can be cut to fit only under the print area for an easy application.




custom printed lunch tote bag

Screen printed transfer using layout QBU-37

Lunch totes are also a great item to personalize and a good promotional item for businesses. If these are polyester, you can use a screen printed transfer.










custom printed grocery tote bag

Elasti Prints screen printed transfer using layout QBU-161

Everyone is going green and another popular bag is the grocery bag. Many states have begun to outlaw the plastic bags making the demand for these bags go up. These are typically polypropylene which requires a low temp application. Our Elasti Prints transfer is the perfect solution.








Custom printed bags are a great add-on sale, low cost and useful. If your customer is ordering a T-shirt, why not suggest a bag and simply add a print to the bottom of your T-shirt transfer for no additional cost resulting in big profits!



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