Heat Pressing Ad Specialty Items

Your heat press can be used to print more than T-shirts! Try offering ad specialty items to local businesses. An ad specialty item is a typically useful item that includes a promotional message and is given away to advertise the business. Most companies use some sort of ad specialty item to promote their business.

A recent study by the Ad Specialty Institute listed shirts, bags, office accessories, caps, health/safety items and outerwear as some of the most popular promotional items and they all can be printed using a heat press.

ad specialty bags

Print many types of bags with your heat press and custom transfers.

There are many different types of bags that can be printed using a heat press and custom transfers. Some ideas are a lunch bag, tote bag, messenger bag or recyclable grocery bag. When heat printing these items, use a simple foam mouse pad to create a firm, flat printing service.




Office accessories are also easily logoed using a heat press and custom transfers. Two low cost and very useful accessories are a mouse pad and tablet cover.

ad specialty mouse pad and tablet cover

Office accessories are very useful and popular.


ad specialty cap

Caps are easy to custom print using a cap heat press.

Caps are an always appreciated item and can also be printed with a cap press.








Towels are a perfect promotional item for a golf outing. They are inexpensive, economically printed and easy to press. Or for a hotel or resort area, beach towels may be a good choice.

ad specialty towels

Towels are easy to press for golf or the beach.

Some other easy to print promotional items include koozies and aprons. Screen printed transfers will easily apply to anything cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blends.

ad specialty koozie and apron

Can koozies and aprons are perfect ad specialty items to heat print.

Using custom transfers and a heat press to print ad specialty items will save you money with profit producing sheets. Custom transfers are printed on paper that is 11.25” x 14” and can be filled with any logo that will fit. Below is a sheet that will print 9 different items for one low price!


transfer sheet for ad specialty items

Fit as many images as you can on one sheet for the same price!

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