How To Sell Vacation T-Shirts

I’m sure you have been to a vacation destination and seen either a family or group in matching t-shirts celebrating their trip. This niche market is a nice one to carve out for your t-shirt business.

Quantities on this type of order can range from 4 for a family, to several hundred for a class trip.



Potential Vacation T-Shirt Customers

Family/Extended Family Destinations

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

School Groups

Senior Groups

Travel Clubs

Creating Your Art

Creating your art is easy with the free online designer, Easy View.    This designer has been preloaded with thousands of clip art and customizable layouts.      We have the art for any destination.

To get started login to and select “order transfers” in the tool bar.    Now use one of the “add” buttons—add text, add clip art or add layouts.   You can even upload your own art.     Size and customize as needed, and choose your ink color or colors.   The quote will appear at the bottom right.  Add to cart, and place your order; or share with your customer and save until later.

Goof Proof, screen printed transfers are great for those custom t-shirt orders of 12 or more that are 1 or 2 colors.    For smaller orders, we recommend UltraColor Max, a DTF transfer.   And for 3 or more colors with a quantity of 24 or more use UltraColor Soft.

Licensed Logos

Keep in mind that many popular destinations use a licensed logo.     Permission is needed for this type of order but try some alternatives that will keep your customer satisfied and you legal.     For example, if the group is going to Disney—their logo and the characters are all licensed and protected.  But use our castle and  Waltograph font.   And you can say Family Disney Trip!  See the example below created completely in Easy View.

Pressing Your Order

Your UltraColor Max transfer order and 1 color Easy Prints will ship in just 1 business day.    Application directions are provided with every order.      Follow along, using the time, temperature and pressure settings listed and send your customers off on vacation with their new shirts.



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Is it ok to use some of the t-shirt photos from this article to post on our facebook page to let our customers know we can do this?

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Hi Shelly,
Absolutely! You can also use the mock up tool in Easy View online designer to create very similar photos by uploading a background and adding your design to the t-shirt, etc.


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