Newest Layouts Added to Decorate Leg & Sleeves

Did you know your heat press can decorate more than just the front of t-shirts?  Luckily for heat printers, we can decorate more!

Amazingly, your heat press has the power to go beyond the t-shirt and can also decorate pant legs and shirt sleeves.

Yes, it’s true. If you can get it to lay flat and it’s fabric, you can likely heat press it!

Now,  you have 3 brand new designs were released that are perfect for the leg or the sleeve. Ultimately, you will love them!




Introducing New Leg and Sleeve Design Layouts

New layouts weekly are added to the Easy View® online design center at Transfer Express. To get started, you don’t need any design knowledge or skills.

Even complete graphic design newbies can create beautiful t-shirt designs!

Your finished design is then, turned into heat transfers. Then is finally ready-to-apply to any blank apparel.

And now, the new leg and sleeve design layouts are here!

The brand new leg and sleeve layouts can be found in Easy View — alongside thousands of other design layouts and clip art for you to use.

You will find the new leg and sleeve layouts in Easy View. select Add Layout. From there, choose the Leg/Sleeve category from the Basic layout section.

From here, you can scroll through to discover these new design options:

New Leg/Sleeve Design Layout #1:  QLG-102

Introducing the first leg or sleeve design!

Customize layout QLG-102 in Easy View with your own text and create your heat transfer design.



TIP: Our helpful customer service and useful selection tools to help you choose the best transfer, if you are not sure. Try the handy Transfer Selector Tool at the top of our blog. 

New Leg/Sleeve Design Layout #2:  QLG-104

We are so excited to share with you this next leg or sleeve design, which is perfect for baseball and softball apparel!

The new layout QLG-104 features a baseball bat clip art with laces below a sideways a text line that you can customize!

You can customize this design in Easy View with the school name or abbreviation, just like we did below. Then, you can add the school or team colors for us to print for your transfers.


TIP: To easily heat print sleeves and pant legs, lay them flat on the heat press or use a Leg and Sleeve platen for Hotronix® heat presses.  

New Leg/Sleeve Design Layout #2:  QLG-103

Try this new layout with your text, colors and mascot for the perfect school spirit wear design.

Whether it is for a sleeve design or a pant design, layout QLG-103 is perfectly fitting. It is important to size your design appropriately for a shirt sleeve or pant leg. For instance, when designing for a shirt sleeve, we recommend a size of 2″ x 11.25″. Whereas a pant leg can be larger, like 2.5″ x 14″.

Now this is a recommendation and your transfer design can be sized to fit your apparel or your customer’s needs. Above all, the best way to size your design is to measure the print area on your apparel item to be sure your design looks perfect for your customer.

You can find more design sizes and placements on our website at


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