How to Show Your Customers the T-shirt Art You Can Provide

When you get custom apparel orders from your customers, how do you go about getting the artwork? If they don’t already supply you with the art, which some customers do, it may be difficult for you to get artwork if you are not an artist. Even if you are an artist, it will take you additional time to create artwork for every customer.

With Transfer Express, you have thousands of t-shirt design layouts available to you that are ready to customize. Not only are there over 5,000 layouts to customize, you can do it directly in Easy View®, the online designer for free!

With this designer, you don’t need any design skills. It’s easy to customize these professionally designed layouts with just a few mouse clicks. It just takes minutes to create a great looking t-shirt design!

Now that you have the t-shirt artwork you need, there are two easy ways that you can have your customers view this artwork to decide what they want. Both of these ways do not give away that you are using Transfer Express as your source.

  1. Link your site to

t-shirt artwork site

The first way to show your customers the artwork you can provide to them, is to link to from your own website. is a generic site with all of the artwork layouts, clip art, and fonts available to customize their t-shirt designs. It is not branded with Transfer Express at all.

When visitors are on your website, they can click over to from the link to browse all the art. Then they can tell you the layout number and how they want it customized for them.

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  1. Turn on Customer Mode in Easy View

Customer Mode in Easy View designer

The other way to show your customers all the layouts and clip art is to use Easy View. To use Easy View, you will need to be present with your customer. While in Easy View, turn the Design Mode to Customer Mode instead of Dealer Mode.

Turning on Customer Mode will turn off all the pricing and remove the Transfer Express logo.

Now you can let the customer play with the designer in your store or you can work with them to create the perfect design for them.

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Linking your site to or using Customer Mode in Easy View are two easy ways to let your customers browse thousands of layouts and clip art to make t-shirts and other custom apparel. Both of these ways make it look like it is all your own art.

Once they decide what they want, it’s easy to order using the same layouts and clip art that they chose!