It’s Easy to Create T-shirts for the Top 12 Prom Themes

A perfect favor for prom or after prom is a t-shirt.   Every student attending prom will appreciate a custom t-shirt noting the prom theme to commemorate this life event.   Here are the top 12 themes for prom in 2017:

T-shirt layouts for the Top 3 Prom Themes QSL-243, QSL-253 and QTK-16


  1. 1920’s/Ballroom
  2. 1950’s 60’s 70’s or 80’s
  3. Arabian
  4. Candy & Whimsical
  5. Carnival
  6. Circus
  7. Casino/Vegas
  8. City (Chicago, New York, or Paris)
  9. Fairytale/Fantasy
  10. Frozen/Winterfest
  11. Garden
  12. Glow/Neon


If your school has chosen one of these we have the clip art and layouts to make it easy to create the art.    With the use of Easy View, our online t-shirt designer you can show the prom committee several different choices quickly and easily.  Once they make their choice, place your custom transfer order.   Your order will arrive in plenty of time and takes just seconds to heat press onto your shirt