New Food and Beverage Clip Art and Layout for Custom T-shirt Design

For our new clip art and layout release this week, we grouped together all the food and beverage related ideas and suggestions received from our customers. Lets dig in!

Layout QAL-85 is for a candy themed birthday party, but can easily be customized for any theme or event.

Featured in this layout is a gumball machine. Also requested from our customers was a wedding cake and baked potato, which we can’t wait to see used in a t-shirt design layout!

We’ve had numerous requests for wine related items. Added are a wooden corkscrew, simple corkscrew and wine glass, wine cork, and wine splashing out of a glass. Bottoms up!

Since a coffee circle stain (which can easily be used as a wine stain ring) was requested, we also added a simple coffee mug to achieve some of the trendy coffee lover shirts we’ve been seeing online.

Add these to any of our Easy Prints® t-shirt design templates to create your own custom t-shirts!