How to Use Your T-Shirt Marketing Kit

It’s here – the 2023 Marketing Kit to help you sell more custom printed apparel!

The famous Red Motley, one of the greatest salesman of all time, always said “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”.

Using that as inspiration, getting sales is essential for any business to thrive, or else, nothing is happening.

To make something happen, we designed our Marketing Kit to help you sell more custom printed apparel. This is your t-shirt business-in-a-box.


t-shirt marketing kit



The tools in this kit are both your traveling salesman and showroom.

I want to show you how to use this kit effectively.

Many times, we have good intentions. We get excited about something and are all about it for a while, but slowly that excitement fades and our enthusiasm is gone.

Look at New Year’s Resolutions. How many people sign up for the gym in January, but by February or March, the gym is already empty. How many have had that good intention and got all excited, went out and bought that treadmill, brought it home and… it’s still sitting in the box?

Don’t let your marketing kit (or heat press for that matter) be that poor treadmill!

Today, get your kit out and put it to use. It is full of valuable tools to help you in your custom apparel business. Like a treadmill, it is doing you no good sitting in the box.




How Do I Use My Marketing Kit to Grow My T-Shirt Business?

The marketing kit is designed to help you gain custom apparel sales. Whether you have a store front, or visit with customers at different locations, you can use the marketing kit to your advantage.

Let’s take a look at the contents of the kit.

  • Personalized, full color Idea Book
  • Price Guide
  • Ink Swatch Color Selector
  • Decal
  • Display Posters
  • Sample black and white Idea Book
  • 20 Display transfers
  • $15 off coupon for your next order
  • T-shirt and transfer to get you started


Idea Book Catalog

The full-color, personalized catalog contains thousands of professionally designed artwork layouts that you and your customer are able to customize to make their own designs. Set this up on your countertop in your store, or take it on the road with you. It comes in a binder format, which gives this catalog durability for lots of use.


t-shirt artwork catalog


The designs in this catalog are the best-selling layouts along with the newest designs for this year. It is updated each year according to sales and the latest trends.

To help with inspiring your customers, it contains photos of finished printed apparel that you can use to start ideas flowing. Use these photos as talking points, to prompt your customer to see what they like or need.

Have your customers flip through the book and pick a layout that they like. They can customize any part of the layout to make it their own – the text, font, colors, clip art, and size. It’s so easy, it almost takes no work on your end to create a design for their shirts.

Tip: Don’t limit the category choices, either. Even if your customer is looking for a baseball design, they can customize any of layouts in any of the categories to fit their needs. Swapping out the clip art for a baseball clip art is just as easy.

All of the customization can be done in our online designer, Easy View®, for free. It’s easy to use and learn and is a very capable and powerful tool.


Ink Color Selector

One of the biggest, most important of tools in the box is actually one of the smallest in size. It is the ink Color Selector. Don’t overlook the significance of this little tool.

This little book of ink swatches contains all of the stock ink colors that can be chosen for printing. After a customer has chosen the art, the very next decision is apparel colors and ink colors. That’s where this swatch book comes in to play.

The Color Selector is made up of swatches of the actual samples of the screen printed and heat pressed inks onto pellon material. There is no guessing what each color will look like. This is the actual printed color.


Ink Color Selector


If you have sample apparel, you can even hold the inks up next to the apparel to see what the inks look like with various apparel colors.

Don’t rely on a digital color swatch from the computer. Every computer monitor is different and what looks like one color on your computer, may be a completely different color on another. It can also be a completely different color than what is actually printed.

Our colors online are only there to see as a representation – to give you an idea of what color ranges we have, but they are not meant to pick an actual exact color.

When you are looking for exact printed colors, we always recommend referring to the Color Selector ink swatch book.


Display Transfers

What is one question you will almost always get from a customer? “Can I see a sample?”

And your answer can be, “yes, I have 20 samples!”

In the marketing kit, you receive 20 full size transfer samples that you can use to heat apply on apparel. You then have an entire showroom of samples, whether you choose to hang these up in your store, or bring them along with you to appointments. Take them in a garment bag or simply put them in a box.


sample of screen printed transfers


Not only can your customer see the designs in action in the catalog and photos, but they can also touch and feel the finished printed apparel as well.

The display transfers come in an assortment of colors and ink formulas to show a variety of styles. All you need to do is apply them to the apparel of your choice.

This also makes great practice, too, applying all sorts of transfer types.

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The decal included in the marketing kit is large enough to grab attention no matter where you put it.

“Stick” it on your laptop or tablet.

If you have store front, you can put it on the door or the window next to the door. You can also put it on your car bumper, especially if you don’t have a store front.

Hanging it on your car can be beneficial to you, especially if you drive a lot. Not only does traffic see it, but anytime you are in a parking lot, people walking by will see it.

To benefit even more from this potential audience reach, post your business phone number next to the decal so they know how to contact you.


laptop decal



Sample black and white Idea Book

The black and white version of the Idea Book is a bound version of the full color catalog. This version of the Idea Book is meant for you to leave behind with your customers for them to have on hand.

If you like this concept and it works well for you, the black and white catalog is available in larger quantity packs of 10, 25, 50, and 100. These packs allow you to leave a catalog with all your customers who are interested in buying from you at an affordable price.

Get stickers with your company logo and place them on the front of the catalog so your customers won’t forget where the catalog came from.


black and white artwork catalog for t-shirt printing


$15 Off Coupon

Another item that comes with the Marketing Kit is a coupon for $15 off your next order. For your convenience, it is automatically applied to your account once you purchase the marketing kit, and will be waiting for you when you go to place your next order.

We have $15 flat rate shipping on all of our transfers. Use this coupon to essentially get free shipping!

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Price Guide

The printed price guide is very useful for when you are meeting with customers and you don’t have the online price calculators handy.

The price guide has all of our pricing in it for quick referencing when you are trying to give a quote to your customers.

It also contains information that your customers may have questions about, such as art fees, rush fees, etc.


Display Posters

Posters make great point-of-purchase displays. There are two posters in the marketing kit.

One shows that you print custom apparel, with some photos and a list of apparel items you can print.

The other shows the names and numbers that pair perfectly together for sports uniforms and more, complete with the fonts and colors available.

These are great to hang in your store front or also fold up very neatly and fit inside your Idea Book to take with you on the road.


custom t-shirt printing posters



T-Shirt and Transfer to Get You Started

Just as we mentioned above about actually getting an item out of the box and using it, this is the same concept. We provide a shirt and transfer for you to press right away.

We provide the shirt so you don’t have to wait to order a shirt if you don’t already have one.

We want you to get right to work because we know the value in it.

Don’t overlook the transfer we provide with the shirt. It’s not only to get you to press a shirt right away to see how easy it is, but the shirt also doubles as an advertisement for yourself, too!

The print lets people know you print custom apparel. You become your own walking billboard when you wear the shirt.

Wear it and see how many conversations start because of it – I think you’ll be surprised!



The Value of the T-Shirt Business Marketing Kit

The Marketing Kit contains the tools that help you sell more custom printed apparel. The tools that come in this kit are perfect for a store front, or are compact enough to take on the road with you when you meet your customers offsite.

These tools help inspire your customers, and get them thinking about how they want their own custom apparel to look. Not only do they imagine it, but they can see it and feel it as well with the samples and ink swatch book.

Put your kit to work for you. If you don’t have your own kit yet, you can purchase it here – the new 2023 version is now available!

For only $49, this kit is yours, including $15 off your next order immediately, making this kit so affordable, you can’t afford not to get it!

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