What is the Shipping Cost?

transfers-shipping-costOne of the most frequently asked questions when placing your custom transfer order is about shipping costs.  These costs are set by the carriers, Federal Express and UPS. You can choose which of the carriers will work best for you.  Both companies offer similar services at similar costs.  Shipping cost is based on how far it will go, how fast you need it, the size and the weight.  The type of packaging does not affect the cost.  For example, even if you buy a few Express Names™, we use our “pizza” box, as the size of the box does not affect cost. This type of box will protect your purchase as opposed to sending them in an envelope that may bend.  

The least expensive shipping method is Ground. With either ground service your package will arrive in 1-4 days depending on your location.   Most packages weigh about 2-5 pounds (the carriers always charge for the minimum weight of 2 pounds) and will cost $8-$12. 

If you are in the Midwest, ground is the best way to ship.  For those outside of the Midwest region we have negotiated a special rate, called Speedy Air.  With this service you will get your package via air in 2 working days, anywhere in the continental United States, for the price of ground.  So no matter where you are located your package arrives in just 2 days!

If you need your package guaranteed overnight you will need to use a Next Day Air Service.  There are two types of next day air services—next morning or next afternoon.  The morning service costs more and will deliver your package by 10:30 am to most commercial addresses.  If you are located in a residential or rural area this package should arrive by noon.  The typical cost for a 2-5 pound package sent Next Morning is approximately $30-$35.  The second type of air service, saves a little money and is Next Afternoon.  To commercial addresses in most cities this arrives by 3:30 but can arrive anytime during their delivery day to rural and residential addresses.  The typical cost for a Next Afternoon package weighing 2-5 pounds is about $25-$30.

If you choose to have your package sent COD (cash on delivery) a $12 charge is added to pay the carrier to collect the money.  You save the COD fees by using a credit card.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

At Transfer Express we try to reduce costs by using ship groups.  Orders scheduled to ship the same day will always be grouped together to ship in one box, for one shipping fee.  If you have orders shipping over several days, you can decide if they should be grouped to leave with the latest package or shipped separately based on your time needs.  Just let your dealer service representative know what works best for you.

Alicia Combs

Looking at current orders shipping out together, it appears that each is shipped separately and each at a cost of $22.95. Is this correct or perhaps just the manner in which the invoice must show until shipped?

Thank you for your time.

Dealer Services

Yes. This is just a display issue on the invoice. You are only charged once.

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