What is the Shipping Cost?

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We get a lot of questions about shipping when it comes to your custom transfers, and one of the most frequently asked questions is about shipping costs.

And rightly so.

You don’t want to pay too much when it comes to shipping. That’s an added expense.

Traditionally, shipping cost is based on how far it will go, how fast you need it, and the size and weight of the package.

However, we know that the cost of shipping is important to you and your t-shirt business. So there are a few ways that we try to help reduce those shipping costs, but at the same time, still get your packages to you fast.

Of course, the least expensive shipping method is ground. Most transfer packages weigh about 2-5 pounds (the carriers always charge for the minimum weight of 2 pounds) and will have a minimum cost of about $15.

But at Transfer Express, no matter how heavy your package is, (and we know that paper can get pretty heavy, right?) your shipping cost is a flat rate of $15 on all transfer products.

So we take that minimum shipping cost, and apply it to all of your orders for a special flat rate, no matter how far it’s going or how heavy it is.

This $15 flat rate is for any size package shipping via ground service, which will get to you within 2 days.

But not everyone is within 2 days ground service, so what if you are outside the 2 day ground service?

If you are outside of the 2 day ground service, we will upgrade your package to our exclusive Speedy Air option, which is 2 day air for the same price as ground – still the $15 flat rate!

No matter where you are located in the country, you will get your package within 2 days after printing for a flat rate of $15.

That’s just one of the ways that we are trying to help reduce your shipping costs.


Grouping Orders

Another way we help you reduce shipping costs is with the option of “ship groups”.

Usually, when you place orders with other online businesses, whatever you buy in one order ships together. Then if you place a second order, even immediately after the first, those items ship separately from the first order.

Well we know that you are getting orders from your own customers frequently and can’t always wait to place all your orders at once so that they will all ship together and save on shipping costs.

That’s why we created ship groups.

If you have multiple orders in-house that are scheduled to ship the same day, then they will be grouped together to ship in one box, for one shipping cost.

These orders don’t even have to be placed at the same time or even the same day! If they are scheduled to go out at the same time, then they will ship together. That will definitely help save you some money!

That’s one reason we only give you estimated shipping costs at your online checkout. Once your order is placed and we see that you have another order in-house shipping the same day as this new order, then they will get grouped together.

Which is also another reason we don’t charge your credit card for the order until the order ships. That way there is flexibility to re-arrange ship groups and to charge you less for shipping.


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If you have orders shipping over several days, you can decide if they should be grouped to leave with the latest package or shipped separately based on your time needs.

Just let your dealer service representative know what works best for you, or add it in the notes of your online orders.

Request Grouping To Save Shipping

You can also request grouping to reduce shipping costs.   For example, if on Monday you place a 2-color order that is scheduled to ship on Wednesday and on Tuesday add some names that are ready to ship the same day, but you can wait until Wednesday to have that item shipped, just call or email us and ask us to group the two orders together for one shipping charge.   We can add items to the ship group up until the time the order is complete.


Types of Packaging

We use boxes to ship your transfers to you. The type of packaging does not affect the cost.

We use boxes to protect your transfers so there is not any damage done to them during the shipping process.

Even if you buy a few Express Names™, we use our “pizza” box, as the size of the box does not affect cost.

This type of box will protect your purchase as opposed to sending them in an envelope that may bend and ruin your transfers.

I think we’ve all received a package that took a beating during shipping. When this does happen, your transfers should be just fine.


shipping box protects transfers


Faster Shipping Options

When 2 days is not fast enough, there are faster shipping options available.

If you need your package guaranteed overnight, you will need to use a Next Day Air service. There are two types of next day air services—next day morning or next day afternoon.

The morning service costs more and will deliver your package by 10:30 am to most commercial addresses. If you are located in a residential or rural area, this package should arrive by noon.

The typical cost for a 2-5 pound package sent Next Day Morning is approximately $30-$35.

The second type of air service saves a little money and is Next Day Afternoon. To commercial addresses in most cities, this arrives by 3:30 but can arrive anytime during their delivery day to rural and residential addresses.

The typical cost for a Next Day Afternoon delivery weighing 2-5 pounds is about $25-$30.

In most areas, Saturday Delivery is an option. This is also an upgraded service if you would like to pay for this expedited delivery.

Saturday Delivery is available in most areas, but not in some cases it is not, so you will need to know if it is available for your location.


Delivery Days

With the popularity of Amazon online shopping, we are accustomed to getting our packages almost any day and time. Amazon typically has their own delivery fleet that makes this available to us.

However, through standard shipping carriers like UPS, FedEx, etc., Saturday and Sunday are not standard delivery days.

So when you are planning your package delivery date, you will want to include business days only, Monday through Friday.

For example, if your order shipped Thursday, you will not get your package on Saturday. It will arrive Monday.

This is important to keep in mind if you need your transfers on a certain deadline. You will need to upgrade your delivery to Next Day Air or Saturday Delivery.


Shipping Carriers

We ship all of our packages via UPS. However, if you prefer to use FedEx, you can still use your own shipping account number to have your packages ship FedEx.

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Shipping for Blank Wholesale Apparel

You can also get blank apparel from Transfer Express. It ships from 8 warehouses across the country, making delivery super fast.

Most apparel is delivered next day.

You also get free shipping on apparel orders $300 or more.

It is important to note that apparel ships from the apparel warehouses, and not from our Transfer Express printing facilities. When you order transfers and apparel, they will ship from different locations.

But you will get both in hand fast, so you don’t have to worry about that.

apparel warehouse locations



Do you have any other shipping questions about your custom screen printed transfers? Add them in the comments below!