Increase Profits with Rhinestone Transfers

Do you want to increase t-shirt business profits by keeping your costs in check?   A great way to create a premium shirt is by creating a mixed media print that combines a screen-printed transfer with a stock rhinestone transfer.     The stock rhinestone transfer keeps the bling cost low and the profits high!


Creating a mixed media print is super easy

  1. Choose an Easy Prints layout in Easy View and customize.  Choose the color and image size
  2. Where the clip art is, replace with one of our stock rhinestone designs as a place holder   The clip art and size for each is noted
  3. Now make that image show thru both lines and fill
  4. Order the custom screen printed transfer
  5. Order a pack of the stock rhinestone
  6. To apply first apply the transfer according to provided instructions with your heat press
  7. Position the rhinestone transfer where you had the placeholder!
  8. Sell it for big profits

Stock Rhinestone Transfers

We have added thirteen new stock rhinestone choices to help with this process.   These include a star, unicorn, heart, cowboy boots, shamrock, pride flag, US flag, diamond ring, palm tree, wine glass, Christmas tree and flip flops   We also have a large selection of crystal clear stone sports balls and mascots that can be used the same way.   If you need any help with your mixed media transfer email and we can help you out.   What are you waiting for—create your special custom shirt new.

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