Transfers applied to Short Sleeves

Sleeve prints are something not thought of often when using transfers. Whether it’s because of the seam under the sleeve, the tools needed, or whether because you just never thought of it, pressing sleeves is thought of being a hassle…but it can be done. It might take slightly more time but here’s a few tips to help you earn profit from adding small sleeve prints to your next screen printed transfer order. 

1) A mouse pad or Print Perfect Pad from Stahls’ ID Direct: These can easily be cut down to fit inside a sleeve and create a firm, flat surface…free of seams. No more seeing the seam through the ink!

2) When using an insert like the ones described above, don’t forget to adjust the pressure. Using a sleeve insert will make the press put more pressure than needed. Loosen up the pressure to a Medium to Firm pressure.

3) Do not use a pillow! A pillow used with screen printed or digital transfers from Transfer Express® will cause inconsistencies with pressure. Not having the pressure over the entire print at the same time will cause the transfer not adhering properly to the fabric.

4) The BEST WAY to apply a heat print transfer to a short sleeve shirt is to use a cap press! Cap presses, like the Stahls® Hotronix cap press below, are curved which helps “dress” the lower platen with the sleeve. Doing this keeps the bottom seam away from the print.

5) Gang sheets creates profit!: Using the transfer sheet to its maximum potential you can really add on profits to your sales. Offer the customer their logo or school mascot to the sleeve. See gang sheet pricing on the Easy Prints® Pricing grids in the Dealer Guide.  

 As always, ask a Dealer Services Representative at Transfer Express® about pressing on sleeves or about gang sheets if you have any questions.