Jolly Good Holiday Gifts Using Heat Transfers

After months of filling uniform orders, it’s time to get creative and make some holiday gifts using heat transfers! Whether you’re making gifts for your own friends and family or selling your holiday items through a school or retail store, we’ve got some jolly good ideas for you.

Baby, it’s going to get cold outside! Head to your nearest store for some inexpensive scarves and you’re off to the races. You can personalize them with a name or a group, as we did here.

With Thanksgiving happening in mere days, it’s officially socially acceptable to start decorating for the holidays. With the tree skirt, stocking and pillow – you’ve got two ways to create. Either makes the items from scratch – or – for the less crafty among us (I definitely fall into this category), simply purchase the items from the store – even if they already have decorations on them – and offer to personalize them for your customers (or yourself!).

One of the best parts about it being cold (outside of it being a-okay for adults to drink hot chocolate with whipped cream on top) is cuddling up in some cozy jammies and spa slippers. It’s the simple things, really!

All we did here was purchase a PJ set that had an undecorated top. Apply a custom holiday heat transfer…and bam. Personalized jammies. These would be super cute for a family picture, by the way.

And the spa slippers are…well, spa slippers. You can never have too many. It’s just that simple.


Gift bags are great for making gift wrapping quick, but let’s face it…not so much on the environmentally-conscious scale. Why not make or buy (there’s that theme again!) some cheap drawstring bags to wrap presents in?

Kids ALWAYS love seeing their name on things and will use these bags again and again. This is particularly true when they have unusual names like our little buddies Enzo and Mila here below.


Speaking of gift wrapping, is there anything worse than trying to wrap an oversized and odd-shaped gift? Santa sacks to the rescue!


Shirts, shirts and more shirts. Why stop because it’s the holidays?


You know how we’re always harping about gang sheets? Well, here is a great use of those. Come up with a bunch of fun Christmas sayings and throw them all on a gang sheet.

Then, simply cut them apart and apply to napkins. You can sell these individually or as sets. Really have fun with this one! Pssst. These are really, really profitable too!


Happy pressing and happy holidays!

P.S. Need more holiday project ideas? Head on our to our sister company, STAHLS, and check out the awesome Holiday Gift Guide they just published.

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