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Keeping Uniform Numbering Organized



During spring sports season ordering can be hectic and very unorganized. To help our dealers know exactly how many packs of transfer numbers and letters needed to personalize uniforms we offer several Number Calculators that will give you know exactly what you need.

Team or League – Customers may come in with just the list of players with their numbers. Instead of wasting the time trying to figure out how many of each number and letter to fulfill this order, click on the “Run Wizard” to type in the list that was given to you. We will then calculate the number of packs and letters you will need without time being wasted.

Team or League – Number Range – Many teams make numbering their players by numbering their players in consecutive order. But how many packs of numbers will you need based on this information? Choose the Number Range option and type in the number of teams you are numbering with the first and last number.

Digits and Characters – If you have ordered numbers and letters before and you need a few fill-ins click on the Digits and Characters wizard to enter then number of digits and characters you need. The wizard will use this information to calculate how many Number Packs, Hercules Letter Packs, Express Packs, or Number Kits you need to order.

Transfer Express’ Easy Prints® Numbers and Letters are screen printed transfers that apply in just 4 seconds and gives the same quality and durability as direct screen printing.