Screen Printed Names and Numbers Sale

Get the pro look with Transfer Express’ Express Names and Numbers.    These professional looking products are on sale for 10% off through April 30, 2024 with promo code SPRING10.       Screen printed names and numbers, use plastisol ink.   This ink gives you the soft and durable name and number you need for your spring sport ordering.

Name and Number Choices

Express Names are available in three formats, Straight, Arch and Vertical; and 13 font choices.   Order in heights of 1, 2 2.5 or 3” tall and in 22 plastisol ink colors.   The matching numbers are available in the same plastisol formula as Champ or All Star for your cotton and blend uniforms.  Use Champ Pro for those 100% polyester uniforms needing a low temperature application to prevent scorching.   Numbers come in the popular 4, 6, 8 and 10” sizes.

Purchase numbers  in 5 packs, team packs or league kits.

Applying Names and Numbers

Express Names and Numbers align easily with our exclusive Perfect Pairing application    This carrier paper is pre-cut for easy alignment.   No cutting or registration needed.

To apply the numbers,  touch the edge of the paper and your double-digit number is aligned, add the express name either above or below the number with the same paper touch alignment.   It is easy and fast!  A two-color number applies in one application along with the names.

Durability Tested

Our screen-printed names and numbers are independently lab tested for durability—50 wash/dry cycles with no sign of wear.

To get these results be sure to use the time, temperature and pressure settings on the application sheets provided with every order.    Double check that there is no upper platen covers or cover sheets used, these block heat and can cause your application to be under applied.   Lastly, be sure to deal with obstructions.   On a hoodie these might be the hood and pocket, and you will need to use a smaller platen, mouse pad or silicone pad to raise the print area for a firm, even application for accurate pressure.    On uniforms be sure to thread your jersey so a V-neck seam, for example, does not create uneven pressure.

Free name and number samples are available too, order yours today!

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I’m looking for numbers for sleeves and also champion and fun add ons for soccer tourn

Dealer Services

We can help with that We inventory 4″ but if you want smaller you can order 1, 2 or 3″ using the Express Names ordering, just enter digits instead of letters.


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