Last Minute Heat Printed Gifts

Time is running out, and your customer is looking for the perfect gift. Offer to personalize items they purchase with custom transfers. This creates a little extra profit at the end of the season and creates a satisfied customer.

Express Names™ and numbers, ship the same day when ordered by 11 AM ET and 3 pm ET, so there is still time to order. Custom screen printed transfers that are 1 color using our art will ship next day when ordered by 3 pm ET.

And with our exclusive Speedy Air that arrives in two days, your custom printed transfers will be at your door for that last minute application.

What can you do? Shown is a perfect example of how a custom printed transfer can add personalization to an item to increase value and importance to the customer. These car seat covers were purchased inexpensively at a local retailer and provided to a Transfer Express dealer to personalize. By adding just the name Eagle to the covers, the value was enhanced making it a perfect gift.

custom transfers heat printed onto car seat covers

Car seat covers personalized with custom transfers

In some of our previous blogs we used other retail purchased items like kitchen towels, a potholder, tennis shoes, hats and gloves, and added a custom transfer. So get creative and offer some last minute personalization!

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