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Here at Transfer Express, and even GroupeSTAHL as a whole, we’re dedicated to providing you with the whole package. This doesn’t just mean excellent customer service and a stellar product… this means supporting you every step of the way. Whether we’re talking about product support, order support, or even industry support we’re prepared to do what we can to assist you.

GroupeSTAHL Sales Alliance Territory Map

For information on who your GSSA rep is call our Dealer Services department!

One way that we strive to offer you support is through our GroupeSTAHL Sales Alliance, or GSSA for short. The ladies and gentlemen of the GSSA are on the road, most likely in your area, and ready to help you however they can. Having trouble with your old heat press? Looking to expand your business and need help figuring out the next step? Have an order that you’re not sure how to fill? Our GSSA reps would love to hear from you and help you out.

The amount of personal experience in the garment decoration industry makes our GSSA staff prepared to assist you with any challenge you may have. Aside from receiving training from GroupeSTAHL companies such as Transfer Express, Stahls ID Direct®, and Imrptinables Warehouse, many of our GSSA reps have experience running their own decorating businesses. If you are interested in talking to your GSSA rep, please contact our Dealer Services department.

A little knowledge truly goes a long way in our industry. So as part of our dedication to the success of your business, we seek to bring you more than just a little knowledge! Every month Transfer Express hosts an hour long webinar geared towards educating our audience regarding our industry and our products, to spark new ideas, and to inspire you to try new things. The topics in the past have ranged from starting your new business, to printing ideas for spring sports.

Webinar Slide

Our free webinars are meant to educate and inspire our Dealers. A little knowledge goes a long way!

Did we mention that these educational webinars are totally free? If you’re interested in registering for one of our free webinars visit the Help and Education section of our website here. Can’t attend the webinar? We got’cha covered there too! We record these webinars and post them to our website. They can be found here.

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