Laundry and Shirt Tag Designs Help Brand Your Shirts

Continuing on the laundry theme from yesterday’s post, we have added new laundry and shirt tag layouts into Easy View®. With the popularity of tearaway labels, it’s easy to put your own branding on all of the shirts you press. It’s a great way to keep your name on the work you create and also do some advertising to potential customers.

We’ve added two new shirt tag layouts incorporating wash instruction symbols.  First, we have QTG-5, which is a modern, trendy box tag design which will fit with many different shirt styles. Customize with your business name, shirt size, material content, garment origin, and laundry instruction icons. Next, we created QTG-6 for more detailed laundry instructions, with space for the icons.

Laundry and Shirt Tag Designs

Both tag layouts are 2″ w x 1.75″h and fit 25 per our screen printed sheets. So you can set up the size tags with 5 images each of Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Then you can order however many sheets you wish and always have custom shirt tags on hand. Also, we specially chose the fonts to meet our standard screen printing ink requirements.

Of course, these layouts are just starting points. Add your logo and get creative! There are a lot of fun ways to add some personality to your tags. We’ve seen so many that include funny items like ‘don’t feed after midnight’, ‘not for use as pants’, or ‘give it to your mom- she’ll know what to do’. This is also a good way to let your customers know how to care for their custom t-shirts.

In order to customize your tags, we’ve created universal laundry icons. We didn’t even know there were this many! So feel free to tack this image up in your laundry room to help out your own clothes. Each clip art is saved at a very small size so they are easily added to a tiny tag design.

Laundry and Shirt Tag Designs

We’ve learned so much about laundry this week! If your interest is now piqued, check out this history of clothing tags and how they evolved. Then get busy creating and designing your own laundry and shirt tag designs!

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