Lightweight, Performance Wear Numbers

Do your customers want a soft, lightweight dri-fit  performance wear number?   Do they want a number that allows the uniform to breathe?

Try our new inline numbers.  These numbers are printed with the technologically advanced AquaTru ink formula.  These water-based transfer numbers can be applied not only to 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and poly/cotton blends but also applies to woven nylons, Lycra, Spandex, and Elastane.  So that the numbers breathe when your athletes work up a sweat, the centers of the number have been cut out.   This also keeps the number extremely lightweight–less ink means less weight.   An added bonus is a dye blocker so there is no color bleed even on sublimated material.

AquaTru inline numbers are available in three sizes-4, 6 and 8 inches.  They are available in white, black, gold, navy, royal and red colors.   These numbers apply at 275F, so there will be no scorch marks.

The inline number style has been made popular in worldwide soccer events, but also can be used on football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball and softball uniforms.

Our number calculator will make figuring out how many numbers you need and the best way to buy them.   Enter individual player choices or a range of numbers and  number of teams; click calculate and see the price comparison for kits vs team packs vs 5 packs.

Order a free inline number sample today!

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Jackson Bush

Its good to know that there is material that helps your clothes breathe when you work up a sweat. My son is on a soccer team and he doesn’t like how bad he smells after a game in his current jersey. I’ll be sure to look more into these performance wear numbers to see if the team would like to invest in something like this


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