Making Sales Flyers With New Easy View

If you keep up with our blog, then you may remember a blog post from the end of December where we talked about our Dealer Services Department’s dedication to the success of your business. Beyond mission statement, it’s our reason for coming every day! That notion of contributing to your success is what drives us to come up with new artwork, develop new features for our website, and come up with ideas to help you market yourself. Which brings me to today’s point: Sales Flyers. How better for YOU to show your customers what you’re capable of? And not only showing them what you’re capable of, but planting little seeds of ideas. Because when those ideas take root and start to sprout, who are they going to come back to? You. A good sales flyer can be left on the counter of your store. They can be mailed to your list of current customers. They can be included in the box when you deliver shirts to your customers. They can be handed out to prospects at events, schools, and locals businesses. A sales flyer is a fantastic tool. So… how do you make one? We’ve got you covered!

If you’ve never explored the Help and Education section of our website I encourage you to do so! In the meantime you can find our helpful pre-made sales flyers and sales flyer templates by clicking my link here, or by going to Help and Education at and scrolling all the way down to the very bottom and clicking on the link that says Sales Flyers. Once you’re there, you’ll discover a whole bevy of pre-made sales flyers broken up into almost any category you could hope for. Under each sales flyer you’ll find some download links. You’ll notice that some flyers just have a link that says PDF. That link downloads the completed flyer. Simply cut off the bottom portion that has Transfer Express’s info and those flyers are ready to hand out!

Pre-made, ready-to-use sales flyers

These school related flyers are all ready-to-use. Just cut the bottom portion off with the Transfer Express logo.

But… what about making your own? If you keep looking, you’ll notice that some flyers have an option labeled “blank PDF”. This link downloads the flyer, but you’ll notice there are a bunch of empty spaces for you to put your OWN designs! This is where you’re going to need an appropriate program for graphic design purposes. Because you’re going to take that PDF with the  blank spaces and import some designs that you’re about to make. This import function is something you’re not going to find less advanced programs. But we’ll talk more about that in a moment. First, we need to make the designs that you’re going to use. Have you used our brand new Easy View online designer? If not, you’re certainly in for a treat! Simply log in to using your Dealer ID number and password. Then using the “View Layouts and Clip Arts” section on the red toolbar at the top of the screen, click layouts. Select the layout that you wish to customize by clicking on it. You’ll then see a pop-up offering you to use our new Easy View! Click there to be transported to an online design experience like no other. You’re able to interact with the text, clip art, and design elements, add additional features, and more. Once you’ve gotten your design all laid out the way you want to offer it, click the blue button at the bottom right called Preview & Share. On the window that pops up, click the tab marked download. Name your file and then click Export to download your design to your computer. Now go back and save the design (if you’d like) by clicking the SAVE JOB button at the bottom left. Now repeat for every blank space on the flyer you chose! It’s almost too much fun to be considered work!

Download from Easy View

After you’ve put your design together, click Preview & Share. Then on the next window choose the download tab, name your file, and click Export!

Once you have all your samples created and downloaded, open your sales flyer in your graphic design software. In our example, I am using CorelDraw. Once you’ve opened your blank flyer PDF, then begin to import the samples you created. Shrink the samples down to fit in the squares, and tada! You’ve created a sales flyer! You can use this for a school spirit sales, showing the kids what the designs will look like! Or you can create generic family reunion designs and hand the flyers out at church! The possibilities are only as limiting as your drive to expand your business!

Import designs and arrange them

Open the blank PDF into your design software. Then import your examples one-by-one and place them in the empty squares.

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