Threading Apparel on the Platen of a Heat Press

Threadability™ is when you can thread your apparel item on the heat press platen.  Threading is when you open the garment and put it on the platen with the side that you are heat pressing the transfer to face up on top of the platen and the blank side of the apparel under the platen, see image below.


The t-shirt is threaded to the platen, therefore half of the shirt is on top of the platen and the other half of the shirt is underneath

Threading is useful when you have a garment that does not lay flat on the platen or if you want to heat apply your transfer to a specific part of the garment.  Threading will help you avoid seams, pockets, and buttons on the garment or help you to concentrate on a specific area of the apparel item while you are heat pressing.

We find this to be one of the most effective ways to heat press transfers to your apparel.  Threadability™ is made possible with the heat press platens.  By threading your apparel item to different sized platens, you are affecting the area of the garment that will actually be heat pressed.  Each platen is meant to be used with different types of apparel and some of the platens can only be used on certain heat press machines.

heat press platens

Just a few of the platen options you can use when creating custom apparel

If you haven’t tried threading your apparel items before, try it out and let us know how it helps when you are creating your custom apparel!

Coming soon…a leg/sleeve platen!

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