Marketing Your Decorated Apparel Products for the Season

What’s the best way to sell your decorated apparel? Know what your customers are looking for! A great start is to determine what products work best for the current and upcoming seasons.

There are so many ways to market for the season!

This can be done through websites, social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), and through printed materials (such as brochures and flyers). Just make the focus of your marketing source the current or upcoming season.

Summer is the current season of interest, therefore summer should be the focus of your current marketing efforts. If you have a company website, you can make a landing page that is specific to summer or post a piece on your homepage introducing some new ideas to your customers that are specific to the summer months.

On your social media sites, make posts that scream summer. Show examples of summer designs on t-shirts, bathing suits, shorts, towels, etc. so that your customers can get a true feel of the different designs that you can offer them as well as different materials that the designs can be pressed on.

If you’re providing printed materials, make brochures and flyers that are specific to the season. Make brochures for summer apparel, winter apparel, and holiday seasons so that you can give your customers design examples specific to what they are looking for. Download flyers on our website that incorporate top selling designs.

A great example of marketing apparel for the season is the Easy Prints® Pinterest page. If you go to this page, you will notice that we keep the designs that are more relevant to the current season close to the top. Since we are going into the summer months you will see that July 4th Festivals, Summer Camps, Family Reunions, Parks & Recreation, Run/Walk Events, and Company Picnics are the first few boards on the page. This will change as we get a little further into the summer season to reflect the upcoming back to school season.

For the new school year we will put School Spirit, Uniforms, Football Design Ideas, and similar boards closer to the top.  Keep in mind that the Easy Prints® Pinterest page has been created as a means for you to interact with your customers!  For more information about the Easy Prints® Pinterest page, check out our blog post, Pinterest for Your T-shirt Business!

For other great ways to market your company, check out the Decorating Apparel Calendar and Marketing Tools sections of our website!

July 4th t-shirt designs

Easy Prints® Layout shown: QHL-23

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