Meet Bailey, Melissa and Sean

Transfer Express Sales and Service

From left: Bailey, Melissa, and Sean

This week let us introduce you to Bailey, Melissa and Sean. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds giving you a diverse and unique team. Bailey started her career in production before moving to Dealer Service, Melissa worked in retail and Sean was a high school teacher! Each of these past experiences gives a unique perspective to best help you and your T-shirt business.

Bailey enjoys using her production background to help educate our customers. Her favorite story is from a customer who is a teacher and was starting a new T-shirt business. The customer had sent the art for her first order on a disk, and Bailey reviewed all the possible custom transfer options and how to apply the various products. This customer was so grateful she took the time to write a hand written thank you note saying not only had we gained a new customer but also a friend!

Sean used his instructional background to take the time to walk a new customer who had been ordering screen printed transfers into the process of ordering a digital transfer. The digital transfer was a better option for the small quantity of multi-colored left chest transfers needed and saved the customer money!

Melissa uses her retail background to help with new sale suggestions. She has placed a couple of personal orders for rhinestone transfers and has got so many compliments she has suggested the same to a few of our customers who have been pleased with the new opportunity for sales.

Regardless of where our team came from, their favorite part of their job is helping you be successful. They love hearing about your success stories and enjoy being a part of the process.

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