Meet Our Team – Linda, Bunny, & Kristin

Meet representatives Bunny, Linda, & Kristin

From right: Bunny, Linda, & Kristin

All month, we’ve been introducing you to the faces behind the voices that you have gotten to know. Get to know three more of our representatives; Linda, Bunny, and Kristin. Also, recap some of the stories that you may have missed this month. All of the representatives that we have had the opportunity to talk with about their experiences are listed at the bottom of this article.


Linda loves to help our dealers, and to hear that the transfers that she helped them with are successful. One of her favorite experiences to look back on was when she helped Snap Dolls owner, Stacey. Stacey had explained her idea to Linda; sharing how she wanted to create personalized items for girls and boys where they can simply attach the clothing item designs on top of the transfer image. To make each transfer image unique, Stacey ordered transfer sheets with various clip art such as dolls and sports balls, which would help children make their items even more personal. Stacey told Linda that her company was able to grow because of the encouragement that Linda gave her.

Linda also talks about working with one of her dealers who is a designer. This dealer always calls in to talk to Linda personally about finding the best print options for her designs.


Bunny says that she likes the family feeling that is present working here. She also loves how helpful everyone is, how everyone works as a family unit or team, rather than just as individuals.

Bunny had a dealer who said that she hopes that she gets her every time that she calls in. This dealer was really nervous to work in Easy View, so Bunny helped her to become more comfortable in this online design tool. She walked step by step with this dealer until she was confident that her order was how she wanted it to look.


Kristin enjoys hearing what the transfers are being used for. Some of the dealers get really excited talking about their projects over the phone, and she can’t help but get excited for them. Kristen enjoys helping dealers learn what they are capable of. She loves sharing information about the Easy View designer to dealers who are new at it. If she sees that the dealer wants us to recreate a design that they could create in the Easy View designer, she lets them know how easy it would be to recreate and how much money they would be able to save by using Easy View.


Who have you met this month?


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& today you got to hear Linda, Bunny, and Kristin’s stories!

The next time you are on the phone with these representatives, let them know if you enjoyed getting to know them a little more!

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