Meet Our Team – Meghan, Kristen, Jason, & Angelina

Transfer Express Team Members

From left: Meghan, Kristen, Jason, & Angelina

Many of our dealer service team representatives form a bond with you, our dealers. Here are a few stories from four of our representatives that have earned higher ranking positions within our company.

Jason Z. runs our dealer service department. When he first applied here at Transfer Express, he was looking for a position that allowed more creative freedom. When asked what he enjoys most about his role here, he says that he enjoys,

“collaborating with a team to find more ways to help customers be successful and fully realize their entrepreneurial dreams.”

A success story that Jason shares was from a time when he personally boxed, sent, and tracked a package to ensure on time delivery.

This dealer had a misspelling on her transfer order and needed a new order for her event by the next day. The issue was that it was a Friday evening after 5:30PM and our Printing department had already left for the day, but Jason was determined to get this package to our dealer in time for her event. He rushed to the printing department to find that there was one printer still there, but he was on his way out the door. Jason told the printer of the situation and the printer responded without hesitation to send through the art. The art was quickly sent to one of our designers who fixed the spelling issue, a group of team members got together to help with the pre-printing process, and the screen was to the printer and ready in 20 minutes. Jason boxed the order himself and had it ready for FedEx. Unfortunately, FedEx had done their pickup early. He was determined to ship this package and went as far as to deliver the package at a local shipment location. Again, he was too late to ship the package the same day. He proceeded to call two other locations who informed him that it was too late. He finally found a shipping location a half an hour away that would ship the package. He proceeded to drive to the location and drop it off himself. Even though the next day was a Saturday and he was not obligated to, he tracked the package and called the dealer to ensure the safe delivery. She was so thrilled to have the package on time that she called that Monday to inform us of the success of the event. She told us that she had even sold out and earned contracts for future dates.


Angelina H. was a stay at home mom before becoming part of our team. She says that her favorite part of her job is getting to talk to all of the nice customers.

One of her highlights as a team coordinator was when she helped a customer find a product that they didn’t know we could offer them. The dealer was ordering several glitter transfers and informed Angelina that these were for her cheerleading clients. After getting to know the dealer a little more, Angelina realized that the glitter flake letter kit would be perfect for her business. She asked if the dealer knew about the glitter flake letters, she did not. The dealer contacted her customers to ask if they would be interested in adding glitter flake names. Her customers were so enthusiastic about the letters that the dealer called back and ordered 2 different colored kits that same day.


Meghan B. has been with our company for almost 11 years and says that she still enjoys helping and teaching dealers. One of her favorite things about working here is seeing how fast and easy our dealers build on their business using transfers.

As a team coordinator, she has helped many dealers, but one that stands out to her was a time that she was able to suggest a shipping price alternative to make up for a discount that could not be offered. The dealer had called in explaining that she was missing a few transfers in her order, she informed Meghan that she wanted to purchase additional transfers as well. Meghan was able to replace the transfers that were missing and place the dealer’s order. The dealer had hoped to get the same discount that she received for her original, higher quantity order. Though Meghan could not offer the bulk discount for a lower quantity, she could ship the order overnight at no additional charge to make up for the missing transfers.


Kristen J. has been with us for almost 15 years. She says that she loves going above and beyond for our dealers. She especially likes being able to visit them in person at tradeshows, and get a feeling of their day and how we can help them.

Kristen’s highlight experience is one where the dealer actually told her that she’s the reason he does business with us. She met this dealer while she was working at a trade show in Toronto. He was looking for a transfer provider for numbers, so Kristen explained how we can help with our screen printed number packs. She provided him with some samples and has since been his go-to representative. She has been working with him for close to two years now.


Just as you have unique experiences with our representatives, they have many unique experiences helping you with your orders. These are just a few of our team members, check back over the next few weeks to learn about more of our team members!

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