Words Can Affect Custom Apparel Sales

Martial Art T-shirt Design from Easy Prints layout QMS-111

Martial Arts t-shirts for both instructors and students from layout QMS-111. Tip: Add Instructor/Student after heat pressing the design.

When creating your custom transfers, pay close attention to the words that you add to your designs. From the example above, if you include the word “Instructor,” you lose the interest of students who do not instruct. In the same sense, if you include the word “Students,” your instructors may be less compelled to purchase the shirt.

A great way to add that extra personalization without affecting your ideal customers is to add the personalization separate. Create a custom design with your school’s name and a separate transfer sheet with personalization that can be added to the apparel item after heat applying the school transfer. With this method, you could even appeal to parents and siblings with personalization such as MOM, DAD, SISTER, BROTHER, GRANDMA, and GRANDPA. This extra personalization could even make the custom t-shirt more appealing as a gift for family members.

Name Personalization Transfer Sheet

Create a transfer sheet filled with name personalization to add to your custom apparel designs.

If you create a separate transfer sheet with names for personalization, check the measurements to ensure that the personalization will not be larger than the space provided. When creating the above example, I created the design in the Easy View designer using layout QMT-111. Once created, I saved the artwork. Once saved, I pulled the word that I wanted from the design and deleted the rest to ensure that it would be the same size and that it would fit in the space where I wanted it. I then typed in each name that I wanted, and duplicated enough times to fill the transfer sheet.

T-shirt Design Custom Name Changes

Heat Press your name personalization where you would like it on the design. Don’t forget to use a cover sheet!

When heat applying the personalization transfer on top of the already pressed school name transfer, do not forget to use a cover sheet. The first step will be to heat press the school transfer to the t-shirt, you will follow the process for the specific ink formula that you ordered. Once the bottom transfer is heat pressed, cut the extra name personalization transfer out of the name sheet, place it where you would like it to be on the t-shirt, place a cover sheet over the full thing, and heat apply.

Another personalization option could be to add Express Names and Glitter flake letters to your custom t-shirt.

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