New! Add Patterns to Your Custom Transfers

Patterns such as chevron, polka dots, and zebra stripes are popular trends in the T-shirt business. We have now added the ability to add these patterns to simple clip art and shapes in our online T-shirt designer, Easy View®, making creating and ordering your custom transfers easier than ever.

Use Patterns in the Easy View online designer

Megaphone clip art with zebra pattern added using Easy Prints® layout QCH-88

Adding a pattern to a clip art or shape:

  1. Choose a custom transfer layout or start your transfer design from scratch
  2. Select the clip art or shape you will be decorating with a pattern
  3. Using the special effects button on the left, select patterns
  4. Click on the desired pattern, adding the pattern to the object
  5. Ink and shirt colors can then be added

In seconds, you will have a proof with the pattern to show your customer. Add it to a T-shirt or hoodie using the share feature. This new tool gives you the power to create professional art in seconds, making your custom apparel profits soar!

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