Annual Transfer Express Photo Shoot Preparation

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Our photographer Michael making Ben the cool kid in school wearing this tie-dye hoodie and School Mascot layout MAS-144

Our photographer Michael making Ben the cool kid in school wearing this tie-dye hoodie and School Mascot layout MAS-144

It takes a lot of work to prepare for the photos that are taken each year for the new Idea Book™, website images, sample packs and more that are used throughout the year by Transfer Express. Each year in August a photo shoot is organized with a new set of decorated apparel and accessories to show off what makes our artwork layouts and transfers the best. While working with professional models and photographers in a photo studio sounds glamorous, it definitely comes with a lot of preparation, from choosing color combinations and apparel to determining the city names and clip art used. With over 60 photos taken each year, planning and decorating each garment so that each one is unique is tough work.

Each year, a new set of generic city names, last names for uniforms and company names need to be used. While it sounds simple, thinking of a company name for a landscaping shirt or manufacturing company that hasn’t already been copyrighted is tough to do. The last thing you want is to accidentally use a company name that someone already owns. This causes a lot of problems, as we have discovered in the past. We do our best to do thorough research to make sure we are not using copyrighted words.

Uniform shots with Champ Numbers and Express Names

Uniform shots with Champ Numbers and Express Names

As far as city names, coming up with a new set isn’t a walk in the park either. We have learned that sticking with a theme is a straight-forward way to keep it simple. However it’s important that the name sounds like it could be an actual city. Without giving it away directly, take a look at the photos in the 2014 Idea Book and the city names used on the garments. Notice a theme?

City names with a theme in the 2014 Idea Book.

City names with a cheesy theme in the 2014 Idea Book.

We do our best to show you designs on the apparel that are most popular the previous year or new designs that we think will be top sellers in future years. We hope these photos give you ideas and spark your creativity with color placement and clip art usage. As with all Easy Prints® layouts, they are there to get you started in customizing a unique, professional design for your customer, without being an artist.

All of the layouts in the photos in the upcoming Idea Book were customized and designed using the new Easy View® online designer. It made it easy for us to set up the transfer sheets how we needed them printed and see color combinations on-the-spot and get previews of the designs for approval.

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