New Basketball Clip Art from Great Dane Graphics

Each week when we add new clip art into Easy View®  online Designer (more information about this program here), we consider what our customers have requested and what is seasonally needed for us to update our current collection. Since we print a lot of custom t-shirts for sports, we like to add updates to these categories each season, whether it be new clip art our layouts for basketball, hockey, baseball or football. We want to create sports clip art when our customers need it. This week it’s basketball.

We usually create the new clip art and layouts ourselves, from our in-house designers, but we also enjoy featuring artwork from our sister company Great Dane Graphics. Great Dane carries a huge selection of production ready artwork for screen printing, digital printing, and vinyl cutting. And they have let us prepare some of their original images for use in Easy View®.

Great Dane Graphics Basketball Clip Art

We’ve added a women’s slam dunk, basketball all-star logo, lava rock basketball, women’s basketball shooter, graphic player in paint, and a cartoon basketball player.

Use these images in any of our thousands of ready-to-customize t-shirt design templates in Easy View®. It’s fast and easy to create your own custom basketball apparel. With the season fast approaching, we are here to help you grow your business with the artwork you need and tips for increasing your basketball sales.

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