Quick Tips For Utilizing Multi Colored Gang Sheets.

We always want you to get the most bang for your buck when you are ordering your screen printed transfers.  Gang sheeting is the best way to do this.  Even if you have a full sized image on your sheet already, more times than not there is still a little sheet space to fit a smaller version of the same image or a different image.

Did  you also know that if you are using a multi colored gang sheet that all of the images don’t have to be all in that color combination?  Yup, that’s right.  If your main logo is Pink, Green, and Blue, all the other images on that sheet don’t all have to be 3 colors.  You can do an image in just pink and green.  Or, you can just do a single color Blue image.  A good amount of times I see blank sheet space on multi colored designs because customers think that all images on the sheet have to all be the same color combination.  Again, that is not the case.  You will pay for the maximum amount of colors on the sheet but single colored images are allowed on that sheet since we are already printing a screen for this color.

So when you are printing multi colored gang sheets, think ahead of some sort of saying or clip art that you may use in one of the colors you are using for future orders.  Holiday clip arts are a great addition or mascots of a school that you may do repeat business with.  This is a great way to up sell your customers and make more money!!!

Happy Designing and selling!!!

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kelly anglin

How large is the sheet when I want to gang images for ultra color soft?

Dealer Services

Hi Kelly,
The sheet size for UltraColor Soft is 11.5″ x 18″


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