New Design Layouts and Clip Art for Tennis & Golf Apparel!

Spring is about to be here and it’s time to get ready for decorating apparel for spring tennis and golf season. So we’ve created some new tennis and golf t-shirt designs so you start on promoting these sports for your business. We’ve got the artwork you need, whether you are designing for school teams or recreation leagues.

Golf teams, tournaments and fundraisers are going to love the new Golf layout QGL-65. This golf t-shirt design is able to be customized with several lines of text and a simple golf clip art, X15J-76 as the main focus.


Looking to change up one of our other golf layouts? Try adding some of our new golf clip art! We’ve also added a new golf club wit a tee and golf ball to as an option to use in any layout. Check out just some of the products we have available to get your creative juices flowing.

Tennis teams provide ample opportunities for sales, from uniforms and warm-ups to practice and spirit wear. We created new layout QTS-82 to be more of a team spirit design for practice and warm-ups. Also, customization for any sport is a snap by just swapping out the ball.


Freshen up any of our other tennis t-shirt design templates with some of our new clip art. We specially created some elements which will not only fit into existing layouts, but will also help you build a design from scratch. In addition, we’ve added some updated looks for tennis balls, including a tennis racket and ball combo and trendy handdrawn tennis racket.



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