New African American Layout & Clip Art

Check out this week’s new layouts & clip art! And be sure to watch for tomorrow’s blog entry for more details about our new weekly Easy View artwork release program.

Layout QHL-78 can be used for upcoming Black History Month Events. Within the layout is a new pattern X21A-42 that can be used in any layout.


 X21A-42     CP-27

Clip Art X94-142 can be separated and rearranged or used individually.

X94-142     X94-142-USE

Clip Art X14A-102 can be used single color or multi color.

X14A-102  X14A-102-USE

Clip Art X9A-141 can be used as a silhouette, full color and un-grouped to re-position or use individually.

X94-141  X9A-141 USE

Available for immediate use in Easy View!


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Elisabeth Southgate

I like the Black History month art on your site. I think having Africa in the background is a nice touch. The colors are very eye-catching.

Dealer Services

Thank you Elisabeth, glad you liked them!


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