New Field Hockey and Cross Country Layout & Clip Art for Custom T-shirt Design

Fall sports are approaching fast so this week we are doubling up on new layouts & clip art, based on our dealer’s requests.


Layout QHK-128 can be customized with either of the two new sports circle clip art. Or you can use any of our different sports balls…or a heart…or whatever else you can imagine!




X15L-166                                                       X15T-139

X15L-166      X15T-139

We’ve added a variety of updated clip art for both Field Hockey and Cross Country.

X15L-168                                                         X15L-167

X15L-168                      X15L-167

X15L-169                                                          X15L-170

X15L-169                     X15L-170

X15T-138                                                            X15T-140

X15T-138                           X15T-140

X15T-141                                                                                X15T-142

X15T-141      X15T-142

Happy Designing!