New Nursing & Medical Clip Art Available in Easy View®

This week’s clip art is very special. That’s because nurses and medical professionals are so important to everyone. We’ve all been touched and helped by someone in the medical field it goes without saying that they deserve the very best.

Whether you’re decorating t-shirts for National Nurses Week,  for Nursing school students, medical school graduation or other healthcare events, you’ll find these new clip art and new layout to be very useful.

So this week, we’ve added a new design layout to the Easy Prints layout collection, QBU-327, that can be customized for your customers! This layout, originally created for Nurses, can be customized for any medical field using the Easy View Online Designer. Just change the text, clip art and colors to make it your own.


This layout features a new medical syringe/hypodermic needle clip art, X7E-57. Other staple healthcare icons we added this week are a stethescope, X7E-53 and a medical prescription bottle, X7E-55.


Need even more medical or nursing clip art to choose from? Here’s 3 more designs for even more options. Now available in Easy View is an  IV drip bag, X7E-56, a Double helix DNA strand, X7E-52 and a nurse clip art, X7E-54.

See more nurse and medical clip art here!

Get started by customizing our new layout in Easy View! Not registered with Transfer Express? Register today for a free 30 day trial of Easy View.


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