New Pant Leg Design Layouts to Customize

During the winter months, your customer’s will be needing decorated pants for their team or group. To help you create the perfect design with the group name, mascot or logo, we’ve created three new Easy Prints® design layouts for you to easily customize. Our Easy Prints® layout system lets you create  in our online designer, Easy View® offers different art layouts that can be used to create your screen printed transfers.

This week, our graphic designers have released three new layouts that are the perfect design for the pant leg. Each of these new layouts seen below, QLG-87, QLG-88 and QLG-89, are loaded in the Easy View Online Designer for you to customize.


Once you’ve chosen your design, you will need to choose the size you need. For a standard leg design that covers half the leg (hip to knee or knee to ankle) is recommended to be sized at 2.5″wide x 14″. This is just a recommendation however and your personal preference or size of pant (youth or adult) might have a factor in adjusting this size.

Some leg designs in our Easy Prints collection has the ability to be made into a Large Leg size which is sized at 5″ x 28″. This size would decorate the entire pant leg from hip to ankle on an adult pant. Again, it’s best to measure your print area to be sure you’re design is the perfect size for your customer’s apparel.

To learn more about sizing, ordering and applying your let transfers, check out this recent blog then head over to and start creating your custom Leg heat transfers.

Leg Prints with Screen Printed Transfers


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Freddie Wright

your pants look like long laster and their design are very awesome I really like these pants thanks for sharing this post


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